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Vendor : Strap It

Product Type : Ice Baths


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Strapit Portable Ice Baths are designed for quick and easy portable setup and to get all the research and known benefits of cold water therapy.

Strapit portable ice baths suit:

  • Home Use
  • Sports Clubs - great for home or away games
  • Rehab Clinics and Centres
  • Performance Centres


  1. Takes 5 minutes to setup
  2. Large 85cm wide icebath with 75cm depth for full body immersion
  3. Takes 15 minutes to fill - 400 Litres plus ice
  4. Quick and easy drain system
  5. Inflatable Cushion to sit on 
  6. Easy to get in and out
  7. So many scientific benefits for recovery

How it can help you:

  • Evidence that ice baths (cold water immersion) boosts the immune system
  • Assists with recovery from nervous system fatigue
  • Improves Sleep
  • Reduce muscle fatigue by promotion lymphatic draining 
  • Form of analgesia to assist in reducing post training aches and pains
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Assist in recovery times



What's inside box:

  1. Ice Bath
  2. Storage Bag
  3. Pump
  4.  1 metre Drain Pipe (extended 10M long drain additional cost)
  5. Cushion
  6. Faucet
  7. Seal Ring
  8. User Manual



Comes with a 6 month damage warranty *