Enforcer Pro Simulator Scrum Machine

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Vendor : Enforcer

Product Type : Scrum Machine

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The Enforcer Pro Simulator replicates a live scrum more realistically than any other production machine on the market and is suitable for all levels of rugby from your elite through to your juniors.

Designed in consultation with former Wallabies’ Head Coach, Ewen McKenzie, the Enforcer Pro Simulator is the premium model of Enforcer’s elite rugby scrummaging machines.

The Pro Simulator is the machine of choice for elite sides all around the world.  The Wallabies, along with all of the Australian Super Rugby provinces, are currently using the Enforcer Pro Simulator and have been, in some cases, for more than ten years.

Enforcer is constantly getting feedback and ideas from the head and scrum coaches of the above mentioned. The Pro Simulator machine is continually evolving to accommodate the new scrummaging laws. We have been at the forefront of world scrummaging since 1998.



Spring loaded canisters to absorb pressure and shock whilst at the same time measuring engagement and constant pressure.

The Pro Simulator is the original and only sled type scrummaging machine, in the market place, with a patented twin brake roller system.

The twin spiked roller and mechanical brake system offers enough resistance to stall even the strongest of scrums. The damage to the playing surface, using this system, is virtually non-existent. The idea behind the twin brake roller system is so the scrum coach can ‘assist’ and ‘resist’ the wheel and this can be controlled and adjusted in seconds, by the operator from his seat, via the two independent handbrake levers. It also enables the outside roller to rotate faster than the inside roller in a wheeling situation. This simulates a motor car differential concept.

By applying 70% of the braking pressure, using the levers, it will bring the most elite scrum to a standstill. The notion behind having the dual brake rolling system at the rear of the machine is so if the front row is not exerting energy through the machine, for example, if the energy is driving up rather than through, the machine will tip up, and the rear rollers will not disengage. This system teaches the front row to use the correct muscles, to direct energy straight ahead, not up and down. So, in effect, if the front row is not scrummaging or exerting their energy in the right direction, the machine will misbehave and the fault can be pin pointed.

The Pro Simulator model machine has a total weight of 540kg. This makes the machine extremely responsive to bad scrummaging techniques. We have discovered that machines heavier do not indicate where the scrum’s energy is going. Heavy twin and tri roller type machines are a dead weight. A top level scrum is capable of exerting 1500kgs of engagement pressure and up to 900kg/8826n of constant pressure. The theory used to be that you needed a 1500kg machine to provide enough resistance. This is not the case. The Enforcer Pro, with a combined weight of 540kg/5296n, is capable of offering up to 2500kg/24,517n of resistance.

The Pro Simulator machine, in consultation with Andrew Blades (former Wallabies’ scrum coach) and Laurie Fisher (former Brumbies’ scrum coach), have devised new binding pads to accommodate for the 2013 changes to scrummaging laws. This system is adjustable to cater for loose and tight head binding techniques. This will be a standard feature on all current Pro Simulators, AstroMax and Heavy Duty Sled models. These can also be retro fitted to all existing Enforcer Pro Simulators, AstroMax and Heavy Duty Sled machines.

Easy to move, transport and store.

The Pro Simulator features a hydraulic raising and lowering transport wheel system that is easily engaged and disengaged.

Enforcer developed the hydraulic transport wheel system for a number of reasons.

Firstly, for ease when manoeuvring the machine on and off the field during training. One person can easily move the machine around the oval and in and out of storage. The four wheels are engaged, using a hydraulic power pack and ram system, which raises the machine evenly up to a height of 150mm.

Secondly, the machine can be used on the field to simulate a live scrum situation. It can be wheeled around the playing oval with ease, lowered into position and different moves can be practised. The greater flexibility and manoeuvrability on the field enables both forwards and backs to train together at different positions on the paddock. During a scrum session in wet conditions, the players’ boots will churn up the playing surface. The wheels can be engaged to move the machine 5 metres before it’s lowered and the scrum can repack on a fresh surface. This means they are not churning up the ground in the one area. This will keep the ground maintenance staff onside!

The transport wheels have a tread width of approximately 150mm which prevents the machine from sinking even in the wettest conditions.

Weighing 540kg and measuring 204 cm wide x 237 cm long x 95cm high, the Pro Simulator is incredibly compact and more versatile than any comparable machine on the market. It is easily transported or flat packed for export.

All Enforcer machines are powder coated twice, once with anti-rust powder and the second coat is for the tone and durability. Machines can be painted in any colour upon request.