About Us

A sports concierge service for clubs and schools.

Ever feel like your club suppliers and supposed partners don't quite go the extra mile for you? Whether outlaying for jerseys, training equipment, merchandise or post pads. Committees are getting smaller, the roles are getting bigger and yet in many cases our partners are not going the extra mile for us.

I spent nearly a decade on junior rugby committees running sponsorship, merchandise, website and anything and everything else that popped up. We know most committees run with a similar lean group of volunteers. We do this simply for the love of the game and to give back to grassroots rugby. Despite being one of the larger junior clubs in Sydney, we struggled to get discounts, rarely got any value add (despite the odd individual) and delays and mistakes were common. For most of us we are volunteers but the money changing hands is significant and I couldn't help but think out partners really need to stand up and do more

That's when I launched Warrior Sports Group - A sports concierge service to help make buying easier The bottleneck for many committees is sourcing suppliers & buying products whether that be training balls, tackle bags, jerseys, merchandise, scrum machines or corner post/goal post pads. Warrior Sports set out to solve this problem.

Warrior Sports acts as a sports concierge. We manufacture products and also work with all the major suppliers and make these products available on a direct-to-club model. We work with all the major suppliers so you don't have to. Warrior Sports will source products, arrange customisation where applicable and manage shipping and freight. In addition, we offer special direct-to-club pricing so clubs don't need to pay RRP for products. We therefore save you time & money.

We have done deals with major suppliers and will continue to add these on. We want to be a true one-stop-solution for any and all product. Most importantly, we offer these on a direct-to-club model - with service - with discounts - with full customisation - with quality in mind and with customer service for each club. Our mandate is to make sure every club gets something additional with every deal. You will never pay RRP either.

This catalogue shows products from some of our preferred suppliers but we will try and source anything. So don't buy the old way. Send us a request for your club and let us take the pain out of purchasing so you can focus on other club priorities.

Matt Rigney - owner and founder